What You Need to Know About Free Nights and Free Weekend Plan

free nights and weekends electricity texas

Whether you live in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or any city in Texas, you’ve probably heard of the different types of prepaid lights or prepaid energy plans available to residents. Many providers advertise their diverse plans with words like “free nights” and “free weekends” electricity plans.

This sounds great to anyone who wants to save money on utility bills. But before taking advantage of one of these plans, it’s wise to do a bit of research on your own to figure out if a particular plan is right for you and will, in the end, actually save you money. Is there a catch? Not really, but you need to delve into the details of each different type of plan to see whether you’ll save money, and if so, how much.

What is Free Electricity?

Is there such a thing as “free electricity”? Yes, there is. The whole point of electricity providers offering something like a free night plan or a free weekend plan is to even out the demand for power and stabilize the grid. In all, there are basically three major kinds of plans to choose from:

  • Free electricity at night
  • Free electricity on the weekends
  • Prepaid energy with no deposit

Free Nights Plans

Free night plans charge nothing for electricity used at night. Providers differ in how their plans work but the most common arrangement is for nights to be defined as 9 pm to 6 am. These plans are ideal for people who are up and out to their jobs early and come home later in the evening. That means their electricity usage is concentrated in the free zone, yielding them big savings.

When the free period has passed, daytime usage charges are higher than normal, so it’s important for consumers to minimize any electricity usage from 6 am to 9 pm when the next free period begins. For people who are not at home during those times, this plan can lead to huge savings on utility bills. Even if you have to use some electricity during the non-free period, you’ll still be saving as long as you minimize usage during the non-free period.

Free Weekend Plans

Free weekend plans charge nothing for electricity used during the weekend. Each provider defines the weekend differently but most consider the weekend to be8 pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday. When the free period has passed, usage charges are higher than normal. This is how the company makes up for offering totally free electricity on weekends. Remember to avoid using power during non-free periods. In most cases, people who use more than half of their electricity during the free period will be able to save money on these plans.

NoDeposit Plans

For people who opt for the no-deposit free nights plans or the no-deposit weekend plan, it’s essential to know the specifics—the so-called “fine print.” Many plans charge a deposit. The amount can vary from a nominal amount to around $150. The no-deposit electcity plans charge nothing upfront but often feature higher electricity costs, so it can be a trade-off if you’re looking for a no-deposit arrangement.

There are providers who waive half of the deposit if you agree to pay the remaining amount as a non-refundable fee. In other words, you get a 50 percent break on the cost of the normal deposit but what you do pay is not returned. Details like these make it imperative for all consumers to read and understand the facts of any plan they are considering.

Free Energy and Electricity Optimization Tips

Anyone who signs up for a plan that offers either free nights or free weekend electricity should follow two guidelines in order to save the most money:

1. Transfer your energy usage, as much as possible, to the free period.

This means that, in order to realize savings, you should make every effort to use at least half of your electricity during the free period. If you have free nights, for example, do your laundry and run appliances during the evenings, not during the day. If you are on a free weekend plan, do all your chores that require electricity during the weekend hours allotted on the plan—meaning late Friday night until midnight Sunday in most cases.

2. Purchase and use “smart” appliances.

You’ll save even more if you use things like energy-saving light bulbs and programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats alone have been shown to help consumers reduce their electricity consumption by as much as 15 percent. By switching your electricity usage to the free periods and taking advantage of smart appliances during the rest of the day, it’s possible to drastically reduce your monthly utility bills.

Where to Get Free Electricity

What are the best plans available in Texas? You can find out all about the many different plans at Prepaid Lights. No matter where you live in Texas, you can choose a plan that offers either free night or free weekend electricity. Be sure to browse the various plans and ask the following questions in order to maximize savings:

  • Is there a credit check, ID, or SSN required for signup? Most plans don’t require any of this, but it’s always wise to double-check.
  • Is there a deposit, and if so, how much is it? A key point of comparison is the deposit amount. Some plans don’t have any and others do.
  • Is Friday included? Some plans offer free weekends that include allday Friday. This can make a major difference in the total amount saved.
  • When do free periods begin and end? Compare the plans based on the time that their free periods Find out how a free weekend plan defines weekend. For a free night’s plan, look at the exact hours when night begins and ends. A few extra free hours here and there can mean a lot in terms of monthly savings.
  • What are peak times and what is the kilowatt-hour charge during peak times? This is what you’ll pay for electricity during the non-free periods.
  • What is the length of the contract? How long are you obligated if you sign up? Can you switch to another plan if you don’t like your current plan? Is there a trial period during which you can move from plan to plan to discover which is best for your needs?
  • Is there a termination fee, and if so, how much is it? Termination fees can be large, small, or non-existent. Check to make sure.

Putting It All Together

For Texas consumers in search of a free night plan or a free weekend plan, there are plenty of options. Remember to study the details of the planboth the fixed rates and the variable rates of the electricity you’ll be buying. Be careful to switch your power usage to the free periods as much as possible and decrease the amount of power you use during the peak periods.

Visit Prepaid Lights today and start checking out all the choices you have with free nights and free weekend electricity plans. Find one that is ideal for your needs and start saving today.

Summary: When choosing free nights or free weekends electricity plans from a Texas energy provider, you must understand plan details. You must also analyze your own usage habits.

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