What Are the Best Electricity Plans for College Students in Texas?

Electricity Plans

You might be somewhat tired of the dorm life. Or, you just want a taste of the adult life by paying rent on your own apartment. But you might have heard about the high cost of utilities in the Texas area. As a college student, you can’t spend a significant portion of your income on electricity. So what’s a broke college student to do? Why don’t you try a company that allows you to get prepaid lights in Texas?


As a college freshman or sophomore, you might not have any financial credit to your name. This can be a problem when it comes time to get utilities such as gas and electricity for your apartment. But a new option for electricity services has become available for Texas college students.

Some college students may wonder if they can get Prepaid electricity services for their apartment if they have a low credit score. College students in other states may be out of luck. Students, however, in deregulated areas of Texas have an innovative option to make the cost of their utilities lower, even with bad credit.

If you and your roommates have bad credit or no credit, you can simply bypass the other energy companies in Texas and get a prepaid electricity plan. With a prepaid plan, customers only have to pay for the electricity they use.


Did you leave your social security card at your parent’s house? Many students who do this find they can’t get utilities. The same rejection can happen to international students who plan to study in Texas. Don’t put up with that rejection. Instead, go to Prepaid Lights in Texas. This company won’t ask you for your social security number or your identification card.

What if you have both your social security card and your identification card, but you don’t want a utility company to have this information? In this day and age, privacy breaches show up on the news almost every day. So, exercising caution when revealing your personal information is smart. That’s why you’ll love Prepaid Lights, which will never ask for your ID or social security number. Ever. Why should you give a company your most personal data if you don’t have to? With us, you will never have to.


Many college students can’t afford a costly deposit for their utilities. After all, the cliche of the broke student is present in our culture for a reason. That’s because, between textbooks, tuition payments, future loan payments, and money for social events, there’s no money left. Some students might have a negative balance after they pay for required expenses, even after they drastically reduce spending on social events. (Not all students spend their money on pizza and beer).

Sure, there are ways to spend less money on your electricity bill. But an easy way to save a ton of money on your light bill is to sign up with a company that requires no security deposit. That way, you only pay for the amount of electricity that you and your roommates use every month. Why in the world should you pay for energy you haven’t used? That doesn’t seem fair, so we will never ask any of our customers to do it.

Summary: Students in the Texas area already have a lot on their plates financially. They shouldn’t have to pay a lot for electricity, too. This article will discuss why students should consider our prepaid electricity plans.

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