The Benefits of Deregulation in Texas

Deregulation in Texas

In recent times, Texas has deregulated segments of the electricity industry. Texas has become one of 23 states that allow free choice in the electricity market. In other words, Texans no longer have to contract with traditional utilities but can obtain electricity service from retail providers like Prepaid Lights. Texans have the power to choose. There are a number of key benefits associated with electricity deregulation in Texas.

These various benefits can assist a Texas consumer in a variety of ways. The benefits of electricity deregulation can save money, enhance energy efficiency, and even assist the environment.

Lower Cost for Electricity

One of the key benefits of electricity deregulation us lower cost for electricity. Deregulation has made the electricity industry in Texas more competitive. Consumers are finding themselves with money saving options, including electric company Texas retail providers.

The cost savings associated with energy deregulation is beyond what could ever have been realized in a traditional marketplace with only public utilities. In addition, the competition generated by deregulation not only impacts retain providers but traditional utilities as well.

Finally, a consumer can save money on electricity in a deregulated Texas market because there are retail companies and plans that do not require a deposit. The stark reality is that when a utility requires a deposit, a consumers money ends up tied up for months and even years.

In addition to lower cost service plans, a company like Prepaid Lights also offers money saving freebies as well. For example, with some retail energy plans consumers can access options that include free weekends or free nights when it comes to electrical service.

Ease of Obtaining and Maintaining Service

f the primary benefits associated with electricity deregulation in Texas is ease of obtaining and maintaining residential service. For example, with a prepaid electricity plan a consumer can pay a set amount at the beginning of a payment cycle. Oftentimes, with a power retail plan, a consumer is not obliged to post a deposit in order to get service. With a prepaid electricity plan, a consumer can sign up for service with ease online. Indeed, a consumer can access service within a matter of minutes.

In addition to these things that make obtaining and maintaining service easier, with a prepaid plan a consumer usually does not have to undergo a credit check. No matter a credit score or history a consumer can obtain service in the deregulated market.

More Renewable Energy Options

An ever-increasing number of Texans are intent on lessening the carbon footprints left by their homes. Prior to electricity deregulation in the Lone Star State consumers had very limited options when it came renewable, sustainable, or green energy resources. As a result of deregulation, Texans now have access to an increasing number of renewable energy options.

Different retail energy companies in business in Texas are offering consumers the ability to obtain varying levels or percentages of renewable energy via their customized plans. In fact, there are retail providers in business in the state today that offer consumers the ability to obtain 100 percent of their electricity from renewable resources.

Expanded Use of Smart Readers

An important benefit associated with the deregulation of electricity in Texas is broader use of what is known as the Smart Reader. The Smart Reader is replacing the “old fashioned” derivation of the electricity meter used for decades at residences in Texas and elsewhere across the United States.

The Smart Reader makes it easier for consumers to be able to access retail electricity providers. These devices also permit you the ability to better track energy use in your residence. Thanks to a Smart Reader, consumers are able to integrate other technologies to improve energy efficiency and save money. For example, a Smart Reader can be a helpful tool to installing and effectively utilizing a smart thermostat.

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