Texas Electric Deregulation – What You Need To Know

Electric Deregulation

Since 2002, when electric deregulation in Texas went into effect, the majority of Texans (approximately 85%) have had the right to choose electricity providers for their homes and businesses. Whether you are a new homeowner in Dallas, Texas, or a long-time resident who is dissatisfied with the current power company services, you can still open a new account with an energy provider of your choice.

Prior to electricity deregulation in Texas, a single utility company controlled all energy sales and distribution statewide, leaving the local residents with no other choice of electric power providers. Today, however, residents can choose their power companies and make their own preferred selections of fixed-rate, variable-rate, and prepaid energy service plans.

Although the same provider you used previously may still handle the distribution of power to you, other companies are in charge of sales and customer account billing procedures. You also have the opportunity to select a Texas electricity company that features the use of renewable energy sources and offers such conveniences and cost-saving options via prepaid energy plans.

The safety and dependability of electricity distribution in Texas are regulated by the Public Utility Commission to eliminate any problems and provide reliable and uninterrupted power supplies to residents. Energy deregulation in Texas has given residents the option of selecting their power suppliers and prompted power companies, via greater incentives, to offer their customers cleaner energy, higher-quality services, and more cost-effective rates.

History and Developments of Energy Deregulation in Texas

Important aspects of the change from regulated energy supplies to energy deregulation in Texas include the following:

  • Before Deregulation: In Texas, the utility companies and the state government previously controlled the energy markets. The rates they charged to customers for electricity usage were set by the Public Utilities Commission, and each local market area had only one utility company as its energy provider.
  • Customer Requirements: Customers had to pay whatever rate was charged in their locality for energy supplies and usage. In addition, energy rate charges could vary for virtually every billing period. This made it difficult for homeowners and business owners to plan their power usage budgets for the year or even for the coming months.
  • Introduction of Deregulation: In 1999, the Texas State Legislature passed energy deregulation laws that went into effect in 2002. The purpose of deregulation was to eliminate the monopolies created by local utility companies. In their place, a deregulated energy market comprised of separate retail energy providers were initiated to provide homeowners and business owners with a choice of power providers, energy service plans, and electricity usage rates.
  • Deregulation of the Energy Market: Deregulation was also intended to promote competition among power providers and result in the availability of lower energy rates for consumers and the choice of multiple energy service plans.
  • Energy Market Activity Today: In the current deregulated energy market in Texas, companies produce electricity by using fossil fuels like natural gas and a renewable natural energy source. A retail energy supplier then comparison shops for electricity offered at the best competitive rate to meet the preferences and needs of its customers, often witha cost-savings benefit for consumers.

In your locality, the utility company has the responsibility for the reliable distribution and delivery of electric power to your home or place of business. You, as the customer, benefit from high-quality energy supplies and service at cost-effective rates.

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