Reasons to Choose Prepaid Energy Plans


Since the energy market in Texas went through deregulation, many energy companies in the state now offer prepaid energy plans. A prepaid energy plan allows Texas customers to pay for the energy they use. Consumers don’t pay additional costs like deposits. Instead, the only costs consumers take on is the electricity they use every month.

These plans not only help you save a lot of money. You also won’t have to deal with irksome contracts or expensive deposits. The prepaid plans also allow you to monitor your family’s energy usage, which will go a long way towards saving money on your energy bill. If you or your family struggles financially, a prepaid electricity plan won’t have you paying large security deposits, going through an invasive credit check, or having to sign a long-term contract.

We’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should sign up for a prepaid electricity plan in Texas.

Only Pay For What You Use

Who wants to pay extra fees on top of their electricity bill? If you’re tired of scraping enough money together to pay for a deposit on your electricity services every time you move, look into prepaid energy plans. With no extra fees to pay, you can focus on doing everything you can to lower your monthly bill.

To control your energy costs, make a budget and determine how much you can afford to pay for electricity. Then do everything in your power to keep your family’s energy usage within your budget. For example, use sunlight to light rooms in your home instead of turning on the lights during the day.

No Contracts

No one wants to give up hundreds of dollars just to obtain electricity for their home. For Texas residents, signing a contract that favors the energy companies is no longer required. When you sign up for a prepaid energy billing system and pay prepaid electricity rates, you have the ability to cancel the agreement at any time. But when you experience a few months of determining how much energy you use and pay for, you won’t want to go back to the old way of doing things.

Manage Your Account Online

These days, we all expect to have the ability to manage our bills online. Our energy services shouldn’t be any different. What we all want is the convenience of opening up a browser window on our laptop or even our smartphone and manage our energy usage. How much energy we use shouldn’t be kept a secret until we get the bill in the mail or by email. It should be readily available to us at the push of a button.

You’ll get online account management when you sign up for prepaid electricity plans. There you can add more money to your account, find out your monthly balance, and even schedule the date of your payments. With this type of convenience, you’ll have no more unpleasant surprises on bill payment day.

Do you think that you might want to do away with the contracts, deposits, and annoying fees? Call or email us and we’ll discuss how we can help you save money on your energy bill.

Summary: Need a reason to sign up for a prepaid electricity plan? What about three reasons? Consider our prepaid plans today. After you receive your first bill, you’ll be glad you did

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