Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Electricity: How They Differ

Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Electricity

Have you been wondering about prepaid electricity? Maybe you’ve been curious about the difference between prepaid and postpaid electricity. We are here to help! Both the traditional postpaid route and newer prepaid electricity methods have very specific distinctions. 

Read below for the key differences between prepaid and postpaid electricity in order to make the best choice for your budget and household needs. 

What is prepaid electricity?

Prepaid electricity is an option for those living in a deregulated area of Texas. A deregulated area is one in which residents have their choice of utility providers. 

  • Prepaid Lights, the top-rated prepaid energy provider in Texas, offers consumers the ability to enroll in these “pay-as-you-go” power plans. 
  • A prepaid plan means that customers pay for their electricity usage on the front end, or before they use it. 
  • This is a smart way for customers to track their usage, cut back in areas as needed, and help them stay within their budgets. 

How is a postpaid electricity plan different?

  • Conversely, postpaid electricity plans, which are more commonly known, require customers to pay for their power consumption after it has been used. 
  • The disadvantages associated with postpaid power plans include the fact that once the utility usage has already occurred, there’s really nothing you can do to contest the amount you owe. 
  • If you’re a consumer on a limited budget (as many people are in today’s unprecedented times of a global pandemic), paying your utility bill can prove to be a financial struggle. 

    So how does a prepaid electricity plan really work?

    Now that we’ve given you a rundown of the key differences between the two types of plans, consider the advantages of a prepaid electricity plan. 

    • Smart Meters—These innovative electronic devices are installed in your home to record your household’s energy usage in real-time, allowing you to easily track your usage habits so you don’t go over your limit. 
    • Account Alerts—If you are close to depleting your account balance, you’ll receive helpful alerts sent via text or email. This gives you the opportunity to add funds to your account when your balance dips too low. 
    • Easy enrollment processPrepaid Lights is proud to offer one of the simplest enrollment processes available. If you’re worried about shaky finances, don’t be! You can get set up quickly without a credit check. No ID or SSN available? No problem here either! Prepaid Lights has plans that allow you to activate your account without these forms of identification. 
    • No deposit to pay—That’s right! Yet another “pro” of choosing to enroll in a prepaid electricity plan is that companies like Prepaid Lights have plans that don’t require customers to pay a hefty deposit just to secure services. 

    Let’s get you signed up with affordable, dependable power today — with NO credit check, NO down payment, and NO deposit required! 

    Call or visit to get connected with a Prepaid Lights plan today! 


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