Overview of Pay-As-You Go Electricity

Residents of deregulated areas of Texas typically seek ways they can reduce costs associated for running their households. This includes trying to find ways they can reduce residential energy costs.

Prepaid Lights provides Texas residents in deregulated areas the ability to save money on residential energy costs through economical pay as you go electricity. Prepaid plans available from the retail energy companies saves consumers money over what is spent via traditional electrical utilities.

Prepaid Electricity Plans

Prepaid or pay-as-you-go energy plans are available to residents of Texas where energy deregulation has occurred. Prepaid plans provide you with the ability to pay for your electricity in advance. This differs from the traditional model through which you pay a monthly energy bill based on usage.

Prepaid Lights is the leader in Texas pay-as-you-go electricity. The prepaid plans from the company utilize Smart Meter which allows you to to track the energy used to ensure your account balance does not “run out.”

Enrolling for a Prepaid Lights pay-as-you-go plan is a simple task. You can enroll online. There are a number of immediate benefits associated with enrolling in a Prepaid Lights plan that include:

$0 Deposit

Our $0 Deposit benefit puts the power in your hands. Get prepaid energy for your Dallas home by paying only for the electricity you’re actually going to use.

No Credit Check

Good, bad or no credit? No matter. We provide you with the electricity you need without any credit check.

No ID or SSN required

Get the energy you need for your Dallas home without providing any identification or a Social Security number.

Join the New Frontier of Electricity Service

Choose Your Plan Now

Prepaid Lights has two plans for consumers in Dallas, Houston, and all deregulated areas of Texas: SmarTricity Predictable 12 and SmarTricity Super Saver. The SmarTricity Predictable 12 plan permits a consumer to have reliability when it comes to monthly electricity expenditures. In the alternative, SmarTricity Super Saver provides left monthly predictability regarding energy costs but allows for a greater savings for a typical residential energy consumer.

Benefits Of No Deposit Electricity Plans

In addition to saving money on a recurring or monthly basis, no deposit electricity from Prepaid Lights also aids you in keeping more money in your pocket in another way. With a prepaid plan that includes no deposit electricity you do not have to post money to obtain service. The stark reality is that a consumer such as you who obtains energy service from a traditional utility can end up having what amounts to a considerable amount of money held in deposit.

With a prepaid plan you won’t have the experience of a deposit being held for a set period of time that can be extensive or, as some traditional power companies do, holding a deposit indefinitely.

Benefits Of Month-To-Month Electricity Plans

There are a number of important benefits associated with a month-to-month electricity plan. Chief among these benefits is the ability to better anticipate what your electricity payment obligation will be during any given month. You pay a set amount in advance. If a situation arises in which it looks like your energy use will go over the monthly prepaid amount, you do have the ability to add more onto your prepaid balance as needed.

Another benefit associated with a monthly prepaid plan from a company like Prepaid Lights is you save money over what your obligation would be with a traditional electricity provider. And, a third benefit is that you typically have broader access to green energy options. You may be like an ever-increasing number of people who are interested in leaving a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to energy consumption at their homes.

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* Rates quoted are at 2,000 kWh per the Electricity Facts Label for Oncor. Please check EFL for your effective rate.