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For people who live in any of the deregulated areas of the State of Texas, it’s possible to purchase electricity from any of the cheap no deposit electricity companies. Finding a Texas or Dallas no deposit electricity company that is the perfect fit for your needs is the best way to maximize your spending power. But, which is the right prepaid light company for your needs?

First, learn about what our Texas and Dallas no deposit electricity plans are like. Then, discover why choosing the right prepaid light company makes sense, what the benefits are and how to sign up for a plan quickly and easily.

What is a No Deposit Electricity Plan?

A no deposit electricity plan allows residents of unregulated parts of Texas, as well as those living in Houston and Dallas, to pay for their electricity in advance, on a month-to-month basis. Depending on the plan you choose, a no deposit light company can offer a wide range of economical programs, including free-nights plans, two-month free electricity, no deposit electricity free weekends, and many others.

Compared to traditional electric utility plans, our Dallas no deposit electricity programs and Texas energy plans give consumers the greatest amount of financial and personal freedom. By choosing a low-cost plan, it’s possible to not only save money but to get electricity turned on instantly without a security deposit or a credit check.

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Why Choose a No Deposit Lights Plan?

For Texas residents, no deposit electricity plans are a smart way to manage a family budget. There are never any surprises, extra charges, penalties, or deposits. Consumers simply pay for the electricity they plan to use in a particular month. Choosing a no deposit Light company means no waiting for power to come on, no billing hassles, and no requirement to provide identification (ID) like Social Security numbers in order to get an account.

Here’s a quick look at why so many people choose no deposit plans:

  • No credit checks, ever
  • No deposits of any kind
  • Service starts quickly after account sign-up
  • No long-term financial commitments
  • A variety of plans that offer discounts and free days
  • No need for ID in order to sign up

Low credit score? No credit history? No Social Security Number?

No Deposit

No initial deposit is required when you open a prepaid, no deposit electric account in the deregulated areas of Texas. All funds you add to your account will be used solely for paying for your electricity usage. You will pay-as-you-go and only for the amount of energy you consume.

Credit Check

No credit check is performed when you apply for your prepaid electricity service. Whether you are applying to open a residential or business power account with an energy provider, your credit score will not be checked. This fact enables any residents in Houston, Dallas and the other deregulated regions of Texas to acquire prepaid electricity plans without any concerns about their current credit reports or credit history.

No Social Security
Number/ID Required

No Social Security number or valid personal government-issued ID is required to open a new electricity customer account in any of the deregulated areas of Texas today. That ensures no one will be denied an energy account in these regions of the state.

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What Are the Benefits of a No Deposit Electricity Plan?

The benefits of no deposit electricity are numerous. For one thing, there are no long-term commitments. That means you can choose to pay the electricity provider month-to-month even when you opt for a 12-month, fixed-rate or no-contract plan. It’s totally up to you. The other advantages include no credit checks, no deposits of any kind, no need to provide ID like Social Security numbers when signing up, and no requirement to make a long-term commitment.

The bottom line for residents is flexibility. In addition, personal privacy is preserved. No deposit plans don’t require ID because consumers are paying in advance, so there’s no need for electricity providers to keep personal data on account holders. With these pay-as-you-go arrangements, the electricity is paid for up front for each month, which protects both the consumer and the provider.

How Do I Sign Up for a No Deposit Electricity Plan?

What’s the best way to sign up for cheap electricity? Finding an electricity provider that offers simple, no-commitment, no deposit plans are easy. Prepaid Lights can connect consumers with any of the dozens of providers in Texas and get power turned on the very same day.

Visit Prepaid Lights and sign up for the plan of your choice, which can include the two-month free, free nights, free weekends, and many other options. The entire sign-up process takes just a few minutes and you don’t have to provide ID or a deposit. And you don’t have to worry about a credit check either because there are none.

What you’ll need for sign-up:

  • Your address
  • Your name or the name the account will be in
  • A payment for whatever amount of electricity you will use for the upcoming month

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no need to qualify for a no deposit electricity account with Prepaid Lights. As long as you live in one of the many deregulated areas of Texas, you’re good to go. In fact, anyone in those areas can choose to pay for their electricity in advance through Prepaid Lights without worrying about having an ID or Social Security number, submitting to a credit check, or making a deposit of any kind.So, qualifying is simple. If you live in a deregulated area of Texas and want to take advantage of a no deposit electricity provider like Prepaid Lights, all you have to do is sign up. That’s it!

  • Live in one of the big cities an unregulated area of Texas
  • Sign up for the plan of your choice
  • Pay in advance for the electricity you intend to use for the month

With more than three decades of combined experience, Prepaid Lights knows what it takes to help consumers in Dallas, Houston and other areas of the state get the most out of paying for electricity in advance. We proudly resell plans from many different electricity companies in order to get the best deals for consumers all over the state.

No matter what part of the state you reside in, Prepaid Lights can find the no deposit plan that works best for you, show you how to sign up and get your account activated quickly and easily. The plans we can connect you with include Smart meters, mobile apps for easy account access and a variety of prepayment plans to choose from.

There are so many reasons to opt for a cheap no deposit electricity plan from Prepaid Lights. First, you’ll never have to worry about a hassle when switching over from your current provider. We make the switch easy by offering you a zero deposit plan that allows you to pay only for the electricity you will use for the month.

There is never a credit check either. Whether you have good, bad, or no credit, it makes no difference. You’ll get your electricity as long as you pay in advance for the amount you will be using in a given month.

If you’re worried about privacy, our plans are ideal. You don’t need a Social Security number or any ID number for that matter. In addition, you can choose from no-contract plans, 2 month free plans, a “free nights plan,” short-term programs or fixed-rate plans, depending on your needs.

Contact Prepaid Lights to find out more and get your account set up today.

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