How Homeowners Can Benefit from Smart Meters

Smart Meters

Most people in Texas are used to seeing electricity meter readers, devices installed by local utilities for billing purposes. The output of these legacy devices is read once or twice per month. They usually measure billing units such as kilowatt hour (kWh) and do not provide much information about consumption patterns.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), legacy electric meters are being replaced with smart meters. The IoT is a network of devices that sense, detect, measure, and report digital information—in the case of smart meters connected to prepaid electricity Dallas companies; they measure power and report power consumption on a real-time basis.

Calculating Energy Use Down to the Penny

To a great extent, a prepaid electricity plan works similar to a prepaid wireless data plan. In the case of prepaid Smartphone service, the IoT device is the handset itself, and data usage information is provided by means of unstructured supplementary service data sessions or mobile apps; this allows users to see exactly how many minutes or megabytes remain in their account, thereby giving them a clear view of their consumption in terms of dollars and cents. With electricity smart meters, you get to see how much you are consuming in real-time.

Realizing Your Energy Savings Potential

When you acquire the services of prepaid electricity Company, keeping an eye on your smart meter lets you see how much you are able to save. On average, you can count on saving between 2 to 3 percent per year if you only glance at the meter; however, once you get into practical savings estimates, you can really see the potential. Let’s say your average savings is around 350 kWh per year, this is equivalent to keeping your Smartphone plugged in and listening to your favorite song every day for more than a decade.

Developing a Culture of Energy Savings

Individuals who are conscious about energy conservation are the most likely to benefit from a prepaid electricity plan. It only takes a few minutes of analyzing smart meter data to realize which appliances are taking up most of your electricity; for many households, this means the water heater, and this is when many families resolve to turn off the hot water tank for a few hours each day. With the smart meter, you can show your children how much of a difference it makes when they turn off the lights or television sets when they are not using them.

Paying Only for the Electricity You Use

Here’s something that legacy utility companies do not want you to know: when you pay your monthly bill, you are paying for more than just the electricity your household consumes; you are effectively paying for the bureaucratic structure that supports monthly billing. This is not the case with prepaid plans because you are not supporting massive billing departments that run credit checks and charge you for deposits; once you pay for a block of electricity in advance, you know what you are getting, and you can rely on your smart meter to tell you how much you are consuming. It is up to you to act on the information from the smart meter to reduce your energy usage and realize more savings.

With Prepaid Lights, you can start paying-as-you-go for the electricity for your household needs. Getting the most out of your smart meter is up to you. Contact us today to learn more about the future of residential electricity in the Lone Star State.

Summary : Smart meters are devices used by a prepaid electricity company that measure household energy consumption. The use of these devices has intrinsic benefits for families in Texas.

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