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Prepaid Electricity For Harlingen

Prepaid Lights is a one-stop-shop to help Harligen residents compare energy plans, rates, and companies. Prepaid energy gives customers the option to buy energy/electricity from a retailer in a deregulated area, saving you money!

Prepaid electricity helps residents in deregulated areas save significantly on energy and opens up to market to competition providing more green energy options that are not available to residential power consumers using a traditional energy provider.

Join other Harlingen residents who are taking advantage of affordable prepaid electricity options by comparing plans on Prepaid Lights.

Why choose prepaid electricity?

Choosing the best electric company can mean big savings on your energy bill. Prepaid energy companies offer Harligen residents flexibility by only paying for their electricity, not deposits and fees. Most traditional postpaid plans require deposits and other up-front costs because consumers use electricity before they pay for it. The benefit of prepaid plans is that you only pay for what you use and avoid credit checks, providing multiple forms of ID, and large up-front security deposits.

Choosing the prepaid option is a smart way to cut your monthly electricity expenses so you can spend your savings on things you want! Plus, you have multiple electricity providers to choose from so you have peace of mind knowing you are choosing the prepaid provider that’s right for you.

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NO credit check, NO ID or SSN required, and $0 deposit.

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Search and Compare Harlingen Prepaid Electricity Rates

Below are the most popular prepaid energy plans in Harlingen:

  • SmarTricity Plans: Pick one of the several SmarTricity plans that make sense for your electricity usage habits. All SmarTricity plans offer low per kilowatt hour rates when you commit to a 12-month plan. These plans are the lowest-cost electricity available!
  • 2 Months Free: Enjoy two full months of free electricity in the annual billing cycle with the 2 Months Free plan!
  • Free Nights: Get completely free energy from 9:00 p.m. until 5:59 a.m., Monday through Sunday.
  • Free Weekends: You only pay for the electricity you use Monday through Friday, and pay $0 for the electricity you use on Saturdays and Sundays.


Years of Experience


Prepaid Energy Plans

Why Prepaid Lights?

Prepaid Lights has more than 30 years of combined experience providing pay-as-you-go electricity for busy families in the deregulated areas of Texas. We offer great energy rates with flexible prepaid payment options and advanced technology such as mobile Apps and Smart Meters. And the best part about Prepaid Lights is, switching to Prepaid Lights couldn’t be easier!

NO Credit Check, NO ID or SSN required, and $0 Deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does prepaid electricity work?

When you have a prepaid plan for your electricity, you will only pay for the amount of electricity you will need for the upcoming month. And because there is no security deposit, the only thing you’re paying for is the electricity itself. For consumers who want to reduce monthly expenses, paying only for the electricity they use makes sense.

How do I find the best prepaid electricity plan?

Simply visit the Prepaid Lights website and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Signup requires no ID, no Social Security number, and no security deposit. Select from multiple plans such as Free WeekendsFree Nights2 Months Free, and more. Recently, Prepaid Lights enhanced the long menu of choices to include the SmarTricity Secure Save 12 Prepaid Plan and the SmarTricity Flex Saver Prepaid Plan. The wide array of options allows any consumer to find the ideal plan for their specific situation.

How much is prepaid service?

The cost of the monthly electricity depends only on how much electricity you use. Rates change from time to time but you’ll always get the lowest rates available. Currently, most customers choose plans that allow them to have access to electricity for about 13 cents per kilowatt hour. The big factor, however, is your own usage of the electricity. If you have months with high usage, your bill will be higher. During months when you use less because you are out of town or the weather is mild, your bill will be lower.

How do I know what rate plans are available in my area?

As long as you reside in Harlingen, Dallas, Houston, or any of the unregulated areas of Texas, you’ll have access to any of the plans Prepaid Lights offers. It’s up to you to choose from the list of plans. And because there is no credit check, no ID required, and no deposit to get service started, you just need to visit the Prepaid Lights website and pick the plan that makes the most sense for your needs.

Disclaimer: © April 2021 PayGO Distributors, LLC. This is an advertisement for prepaid electric service from PayGO Distributors, LLC., an independent energy sales organization. Energy services are provided by Young Energy, LLC DBA Payless Power REP#10110 and Brooklet Energy Distribution, LLC DBAs Acacia Energy, Snap Energy Latino, and Now Power REP#10137. There is a minimum required payment to establish a connection. Call for more information on minimum required payments, balances, and specific terms of service and promotional details. Utility fees may also apply and may increase the total amount that you pay. Offers subject to termination or change without notice. Se habla Español.

* Rates quoted are at 2,000 kWh per the Electricity Facts Label for Oncor. Please check EFL for your effective rate.

** Order must be placed online before 4pm CST. Meter must not be subject to a switch hold.

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