Getting Power in Your New Dallas Home

Prepaid Power

If you are new to Dallas after buying or rentingahome, one of the first steps to setting up your new household and moving in is selecting your gas and electric companies and getting power for your home. As the largest metropolitan area and the fourth-largest city in Texas, Dallas is a very active and thriving place, with many dazzling sites and exciting attractions, restaurants, cultural activities, entertainment choices, and sportingevents to enjoy.

For this reason, you want to take care of all the details of getting settled in your new home environment so that you can explore this fascinating city and all it has to offer you and your household.

After getting your new account and power hooked up, you can start benefiting from the essential comforts of your new home like the air cooling and heating systems andhot water and gas if needed for your kitchen range and grill. You will then feel at home and welcome in the friendly, hospitable warmth of Dallas.

Selecting Your Home Power Provider in Dallas

Energy is deregulated in Dallas, as it is in many cities in Texas. This means that you can choose your energy provider after checking the Dallas electricity rates and plans. However, the company(area utility) that actually delivers electricity to your home is set and cannot be changed. Since in Dallas, your utility company must permit you to choose a Retail Electricity Provider (REP) for your power supply, you can shop for the REP that offers the best services at the lowest rates.

Shopping online is among the fastest and most efficient ways to locate your new electricity company as the power provider best suited to your budget and needs. Many local area utility companies will also provide you with company names and contact information for power provider options, and you can also check with the Better Business Bureau for this data.

Of course, if you have friends or family who live in or near Dallas, you can contact them for good suggestions concerning electricity plans. If you are moving to a new location in Dallas and have been a resident of the city with a previous residence and power provider, you just need to transfer your existing services to your new home.

  • Transferring Services. If you are moving from one residence to another in Dallas, you most likely will opt to stay with the same REP. By contacting your REP well in advance of your moving date, you can request a transfer of power supply services to your new home address.
  • Stopping Services. Whether you are moving from one Dallas residence to another or relocating from another state, you need to contact your current REP to give notice of your plans to move. By doing this a week or two before your moving date, all should go smoothly with transferring the power services for your new choice of electricity plans to another home or ending current services before you open a new account in another state.
  • Starting New Services. REPs in Dallas may require you to sign a contract prior to assisting you with transferring, stopping, or starting your new power services. If this is a long-term move for you, think aboutchoosing a 10-year plan or longer. However, you may risk paying higher rates with this plan. Most REPs offer several different plans to customers, such as fixed-rate, variable, and sometimes, prepaid.

When you select a fixed-rate plan, your electricity rates are locked-in for a specified length of time, while rates will change over time with a variable plan. If you choose a prepaid plan, you can pay upfront for power usage, like you would with a phone calling card. Before making your choice of plans, be sure to review any other charges associated with each type of plan, such as monthly fees, online billing fees, and early cancellation or termination fees.

Choosing Prepaid Lights as REP for Your New Dallas Home

Prepaid Lights is an energy provider that offers customers the convenient option of paying electric usage bills in advance. This helps alleviate the anxiety of a large stack of bills to be paid at the end of each month. This helpful, customer-friendly REP serving Dallas does not requireadeposit, acredit score check,oralong-term contract, legal agreement, or personal ID before opening your new customer account.

You are not required to make a long-term commitment with this company when signing up for services. With these flexible prepaid energy plans, customers find paying for services much easier and less worrisome.

A “Smart Meter” system tracks each customer’s energy use, notifying the customer when the prepaid balance is low so that funds can be replenished. If you, as the customer, should be away or busy and forget to add to your prepaid balance, causing your service to be interrupted, full services will be resumed just as soon as funds are added to your account. There are absolutely no late, disconnect, or reconnect fees and no hidden fees.

Prepaid Lights has more than 30 highly successful years of experience in the energy service provider industry, offering all customers excellent services and flexible payment terms and assistance. This respected company will get your power activated quickly and efficiently and help you keep it on for the full use and enjoyment of your new household in Dallas.

Contact a member of the Prepaid Lights team today by phone, by email, or on the company website at for further information and to open your new account.

Summary: For ultimate quality home power services in Dallas, TX, choose Prepaid Lights as it is offering convenient, cost-effective, prepaid services without a deposit, a credit check, a long-term agreement or signed legal document, and personal ID verification.

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