Energy Saving Ideas for Your Home Office


Now more than ever before, many people are conducting business directly from their home offices. From virtual video conferencing to relying more heavily on phone and email communication, the global pandemic has changed the way the workforce manages professional endeavors in more ways than one. While this may mean time saved from eliminating a daily commute, logging increased working hours from your residence can quickly result in a much higher utility bill. If you’re managing the daily grind from your humble abode, you need to be aware of ways to cut energy usage and save on your monthly electric expenses. Read on for tips and tricks to save energy while working from the comfort of your home office.

Unplug and unwind! When you aren’t using devices such as your laptop, desktop computer, printer, or fax machine, unplug them. Be sure to switch off lights and switch off lamps when you leave the room, and most definitely when you call it a day, making the change from work to home life. If you’ve made your space more comfortable by adding a desk fan or portable space heater, you have to make a habit of turning those off and unplugging them as well.

Speaking of portable space heaters, desktop fans, or box fans, these can be great tools in the utility cutting trade as well. In addition to running ceiling fans, opting to turn on these smaller devices to cool down or warm up versus adjusting your thermostat a great deal will also add to your potential savings.

Let there be (energy efficient) light! Lightbulbs may seem like a small factor in the electric consumption game, but the simple act of trading your regular bulbs in for their energy-saving counterparts can be one of the simplest, yet very financially rewarding, quick fixes. Natural light can also be your friend while working from home.

Open the windows and let the sunshine provide you with some free Vitamin D therapy. Letting yourself soak up some rays while working at your desk will also boost your positive mood and probably make you feel more productive, too.

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Be “in the know” about local pandemic relief efforts—One upside to the crisis our world is currently facing due to the unprecedented pandemic is the various forms of assistance being offered to the public in a number of ways. Thankfully, utility assistance is one of them! Prepaid Lights is one of the entities participating in the COVID-19 Electricity Relief program for Texans. Residents who are having a tough time paying their utility bill due to the effects of the health crisis can apply for this assistance if they meet a few qualifying requirements. If you do qualify, you will have the choice to either postpone your payment for an allotted period of time OR receive direct financial aid from a Texas social services agency.

How can you qualify? In addition to currently experiencing financial hardship and being unable to make your utility payment due to COVID-19, you must be a current recipient of Medicaid, Federal Unemployment, or Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) funds in order to request deferred payments

Now that we have covered a number of helpful hacks and energy saving ideas to make your “new normal” of working from home a little more pleasant (and a lot more financially-savvy!), start implementing some changes today. Little by little or making bigger shifts at once, any change is a move in the right direction. Even making small adjustments to your routine, adding to them over time, will have a huge impact. The current state of the world can feel overwhelming enough without any added stresses. It is also important to note that you need to set time limits to step away from “work” and set aside time for just enjoying being at home with your family and friends. Breathe, relax, and reboot—your energy-consuming machines as well as your mental well-being. Use the tools at your disposal to your advantage, and save money while doing it!

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