Energy Efficiency Makes Homes More Valuable

Energy Efficiency

As energy costs soar, more people are looking to purchase energy-efficiency homes as these homes have lower energy costs for buyers. Buyers may also be environmentally conscious and intentionally looking for energy-efficient homes. As a homeowner, you can use this growing trend to come up with a home improvement plan that is specifically geared to be more energy efficient.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades Are Cost Effective

The first thing you might be wondering as a homeowner is likely “Isn’t it expensive to make these energy-efficient upgrades for my home?”The good news is that these upgrades are supported by the government. Depending on your location, there might also be a state program to provide you with rebates for installing energy-efficient upgrades. These rebates can add up to thousands of dollars, which often pays for a sizable portion or most of the upgrades.

You’ll also find it beneficial to add these upgrades, even if you are not planning to sell your home for another couple of years. These upgrades can translate to anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per year in savings, depending on your regular energy usage. Even without these rebates, the savings could cover most of the costs while raising the value of your home.

What Are Some Examples of Energy Efficient Upgrades?

There are many things that you can do to make your home energy efficient. Here is a quick list of things that can be easily added:

  • Install a programmable thermostat to optimize the usage of the heating and cooling systems. This will save a lot of energy, especially if the thermostat only heats or cools when somebody is home.
  • Add better insulation throughout your house is a simple way to make your home more energy efficiency. It’s very cheap to insulate your house, and it is usually a minimal home improvement project.
  • Buy new doors and windows. Sometimes the temperature problem in your home can be attributed to older doors and windows. Installing new parts that do a better job maintaining your home’s temperature translates to lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Use energy-efficient solutions. If you’re buying new appliances, choose ones that are energy efficient. Switch your light bulbs to ones that use less energy and last much longer.
  • Invest in a solar panel. Yes, solar panels can be expensive. But they can also be cost-effective due to the extra incentives you may receive. Check your state for how much you can receive in incentives. Also make sure you calculate savings by analyzing weather patterns in your area.

Upgrades Can Be Complemented with a Prepaid Light Company

If you’re making your home more energy efficiency, you should also go with a pay-as-you-go energy plan. For example, is a company that does not have long-term contracts and only requires customers to pay for the energy they need. It’s a great solution for cheap electricity if you are using solar panels or other ways to generate energy on your own.

While there is no single best electric company, Prepaid Lights is very family focused. The company doesn’t require deposits, IDs, or a credit report. They have also eliminated all the fees that are common at energy companies: late fees disconnect fees, reconnect fees, and other hidden costs. If you want to learn more about their program, click here to visit the website.

Summary: More buyers are looking specifically for energy-efficient homes. Following this trend can increase the value of your home. Best of all, it won’t cost as much as you think due to all the energy-incentive programs.

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