Budget Your Electricity Costs With Prepaid Plans

Electricity Costs With Prepaid Plan

In 2018, American families were getting used to a new kind of economic reality. At a time when investors on Wall Street were praising a bullish stock market and the Federal Reserve was planning to continue raising interest rates, families in Texas and across the country were looking for ways to stretch their household income. There is no question that the U.S. has recovered from the Great Recession, particularly with regard to employment levels, but the truth is the cost of living keeps climbing and wages are not keeping up an adequate pace.

Until a major economic shift brings wages back on par with the cost of living, the best financial strategy American families should follow is to create reasonable household budgets and stick to them. When creating a budget, utilities tend to be major expense items. With that in mind, you should strongly consider saving money by going with a prepaid energy plan.

The Truth About Prepaid Electricity in Texas

Individuals and households in Texas face a paradox in relation to energy. The Lone Star State is one of the greatest producers of energy in the U.S. In fact, a few other states routinely purchase electricity from Texas. This type of production dominance, however, does not necessarily translate into savings for residential customers. It’s not like in Florida, where oranges and grapefruit are very cheap because that state is a major citrus producer. Texans pay more per kilowatt hour than residents in Kentucky and Idaho.

Thankfully, certain electricity markets in Texas are permitted to offer prepaid plans to residential customers, and the deregulated areas of Texas happen to be included. When budgeting your electricity costs, here are some recommendations you can follow:

Switch to Efficient Lighting Systems

Want to save a couple of dollars each month? Invest in CFL or LED light bulbs controlled by sensors or by a smart application. These technologies have become more affordable in recent years, and are far more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Pay Attention to Your Smart Meter

Smart meters are one of the reasons more households in Texas choose Prepaid Lights. Residents get a smart meter that informs them about their energy consumption. This is useful for families whose members are away from home during most of the daytime hours. That’s when kilowatt hours are more expensive. Look at your readings and determine if you have “energy vampires” sucking up electricity when you are not using them. Some examples include DVD players and cable or satellite TV boxes.

Invest Your Deposit Wisely

Since prepaid electricity plans do not require you to pay an upfront deposit, you can always use those funds to prepay a block of electricity or purchase Energy Star appliances that consume less kilowatt hours. If you have an aging desktop computer that stays on most of the day, you may want to replace it with a low-power Chromebook or mini-computer that is also rechargeable. Another idea is to invest in a solar charger for electronics such as smartphones and tablets.

Summary: Prepaid electricity in Texas is a smart way to budget your monthly utility costs. Paying for your electric bill in advance can help you stay within a household budget — as long as you follow certain tips.

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