Texas Prepaid Electricity Plans

What’s Your Perfect Texas Electricity Plan?

Now that the state of Texas has passed deregulation laws, you now have a lot more choices when it comes to prepaid energy plans. With no deposit electricity plans now readily available, you might now be thinking of all of the work you’ll have to do to research the companies that offer prepaid energy plans….

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How Do Prepaid Electricity Meters Work?

As the name suggests, the prepaid meter is almost like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. As long as you have a balance on your prepaid card, you will be provided with energy. When your credit balance gets to zero, you need to top-up your prepaid card to get energy supplied again. How Does It Work? As…

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Prepaid Electricity Plan

Our Prepaid Electricity Plan Suits You and Your Pockets

There is no question that the cost of living in Texas has been on the rise in recent years. Let’s say you are planning on moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Dallas this year. Chances are you are doing so because you have learned about the higher quality of life and job opportunities in that…

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Deregulation in Texas

The Benefits of Deregulation in Texas

In recent times, Texas has deregulated segments of the electricity industry. Texas has become one of 23 states that allow free choice in the electricity market. In other words, Texans no longer have to contract with traditional utilities but can obtain electricity service from retail providers like Prepaid Lights. Texans have the power to choose….

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Electricity Plans

What Are the Best Electricity Plans for College Students in Texas?

You might be somewhat tired of the dorm life. Or, you just want a taste of the adult life by paying rent on your own apartment. But you might have heard about the high cost of utilities in the Texas area. As a college student, you can’t spend a significant portion of your income on…

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No Deposit Electric Company

Advantages of Choosing a No Deposit Electric Company

Consumers are now more interested in prepaid light companies in the deregulated areas of Texas. This includes consumers who are taking advantage of no deposit electricity. The reality is there are a number of significant benefits that can be realized by taking advantage of no deposit electricity service options in  Texas, like those offered by…

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Electricity Costs With Prepaid Plan

Budget Your Electricity Costs With Prepaid Plans

In 2018, American families were getting used to a new kind of economic reality. At a time when investors on Wall Street were praising a bullish stock market and the Federal Reserve was planning to continue raising interest rates, families in Texas and across the country were looking for ways to stretch their household income….

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving And Safety Tips For Renters

These days, almost all Texas residents want to find ways to reduce their energy costs. While either your building’s management company or landlord will be responsible for the energy efficiency of your residence, you still have some measures available to you that you can take to reduce your monthly energy bill. That’s where pay-as-you-go electricity…

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prepaid energy plans

Finding the Best Prepaid Energy Plans in Texas

In Texas, many residents have been introduced to prepaid energy plans. With these particular plans, you can either pay for your electricity in advance, or as you go through the month. If you believe a pay-as-you-go plan is right for you and your household, it can have numerous benefits. And even the process is extremely…

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Electricity Service

How Does Prepaid Electricity Work?

It’s now time to pick a prepaid electricity company. But if you don’t know what these types of plans entail, you came to the right place. This article will tell you all about the ins and outs of prepaid energy services. By the end of the article, you’ll have a much better idea of which…

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