Prepaid Electricity

Is Prepaid Electricity Right for Me?

Prepaid electricity has become very popular with residents of deregulated areas in Texas. What exactly does a deregulated area mean? Great question! A deregulated area is one in which residents have the option to choose their utility provider, rather than being made to utilize the services of only one electric company. Deregulation causes competition among…

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Smart Electrical Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades You Need to Consider During Home Renovations

Home renovations can be a very exciting—but sometimes stressful—adventure. While it is always a good idea to upgrade the structural and design elements of your home when your budget allows, smart electrical upgrades are also something to consider.  Electrical upgrades for home renovations may sound expensive, but many times, they can more than deliver a…

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Power Outage

7 Things You Should Never Do During a Power Outage

When it’s storming outside and the lights suddenly flicker or go out, everyone has the same thought—power outage! What do you do now?  Power outages are frustrating for everyone involved. The interruptions and inconveniences of unexpectedly losing power, particularly when coupled with bad weather, are always a source of stress.  However, there are certain things…

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Prepaid Electricity Provider

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prepaid Electricity Provider

If you’re like most people, budgeting your monthly expenses is a must, particularly in today’s unprecedented times of a global pandemic. If you reside in a deregulated area of Texas, enrolling in prepaid electricity is an easy way to put yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling your utility costs.  If you’re…

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Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Electricity

Prepaid Electricity Vs. Postpaid Electricity: How They Differ

Have you been wondering about prepaid electricity? Maybe you’ve been curious about the difference between prepaid and postpaid electricity. We are here to help! Both the traditional postpaid route and newer prepaid electricity methods have very specific distinctions.  Read below for the key differences between prepaid and postpaid electricity in order to make the best…

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Pay-As-You-Go Electricity

The Pros and Cons of Pay-As-You-Go Electricity

Have you considered prepaid utilities, also known as “pay-as-you-go” electricity? If so, you would be wise to think about the pros and cons of prepaid electricity versus traditional postpaid power plans. And, did you know that if you live in a deregulated area of Texas, you have the option to select the utility provider of…

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Save Energy in fall

How Do You Save Energy in The Fall

Autumn brings with it cozy sweaters, knee-high boots, pumpkin carvings, fall festivals, and gentle breezes. With so much in store, it’s no wonder that fall is the favorite time of the year for many Americans. Of course, along with autumn and breezes comes the cool air, which turns frosty at the first sign of winter….

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Is Prepaid Electricity Cheaper than Postpaid Electricity

Is Prepaid Electricity Cheaper than Postpaid Electricity

Texas provides its residents with a deregulated energy market, which provides monetary and energy-saving options not available in most places around the country. For some Texans, these options are limiting, leaving them unable to purchase electricity through any traditional means. Traditional postpaid plans require good credit, a deposit, and flexibility for the price to change…

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Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

Electronics surround us all day, every day, especially our children. They take the form of anything from the lights that we turn on when we enter the room, to the TV hanging on the wall keeping our kids busy. Some electronics even took over our schools as more students are using tablets or laptops specifically…

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Electricity Prices Higher in Some Parts of Texas

Why Are Electricity Prices Higher in Some Parts of Texas?

Electric bills are one of those unavoidable monthly expenses that, like it or not, are still necessary. If you want to have power, you have to pay for it! Did you know, however, that electricity prices vary greatly throughout the country? It’s true! Depending on where you live, you could be paying much more for…

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