Benefits for Landlords of Installing Prepaid Electricity Meters

Prepaid Electricity Meters

In some areas of Dallas and surrounding areas, many landlords have problems with utility companies when tenants, sometimes falling months behind in their payments, fail to pay their electric bills. Some savvy landlords have found a reliable solution to this problem, by installing prepaid electricity meter, which make it easy for tenants to monitor their electricity usage from prepaid light companies.

This empowers residents to see how much electric power they use each month and how much it costs, giving them control over how much they spend each month on electricity usage. It also helps them to plan ahead so they can fund their utility accounts for future electricity consumption.

Additional Benefits for Landlords Installing Prepaid Electricity Meters

Landlords also benefit when they install prepaid electricity meter systems in rental buildings, including the following:

1. Improved Cash Flow. Since tenants pay in advance for electricity usage, there are no late payments. If a tenant fails to fund his or her prepaid utility account, the account will be in arrears and may be closed. However, the prepaid meter system prevents landlords from having problems with tenants who vacate their apartments or sections of multi-unit homes without paying several months of late electricity bills.

Prepaid electric utility meter systems also alleviate electric bill payment issues for building owners when tenants living in their rental units accrue very large utility bills after long periods of non-payment.

2. Tenant payment incentives. Prepaid electric plans are available at many locations within the Dallas area, allowing customers to add funds to their metered utility accounts. Since these payment locations are often in popular shopping areas, customers are reminded to fund their prepaid accounts whenever they shop. Most electric utility companies offering prepaid customer accounts provide well-staffed call centers and convenient automated phone systems for checking customer account bills and funds balances.

3. Client-focused online data. The most efficient utilities with prepaid customers provide online portals with detailed account information that can be accessed by tenants, landlords and building management personnel. This type of transparency helps all parties maintain account funding balances and keep prepaid utility accounts in good standing.

They also enable landlords to track yearly energy consumption in their buildings and improve building insulation and structural defects, if needed, to conserve energy. Each tenant account is easily identified and accessed by a simple meter registration process.

Choose Prepaid Lights to Install Your Building’s Prepaid Electricity Meter System

When you choose Prepaid Lights , which provides service to Dallas and surrounding regions, you will have the option, as landlord, of selecting a prepaid or postpaid customer account plan for your rental building. By choosing a prepaid electricity meter system, you will provide your tenants with an easy method of keeping their electric bills current.

By funding their accounts in advance, your renters will know their monthly electricity usage and how much it costs. With easy access to call centers for prepaid utility accounts and online account data portals, both you, as landlord, and your tenants can stay up-to-date about the electricity consumption of your building and your tenants, to your mutual benefit.

For further information, contact the energy experts at Prepaid Lights by phone, mail or on the company website at

Summary: When they install prepaid electricity meter systems in residential buildings, landlords benefit from punctual, pre-funded tenant electric bill payments and accurate online records of the building’s power use.

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