8 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill This Summer


Sweltering summer temps outside are soaring, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with an electricity bill that is soaring in price as well. Particularly during a time when people are spending more time than ever at home, it can be easy to accumulate added appliance and utility usage during your daily routine. Read through these eight clever household hacks to lower your usage and curb your costs before the next notice arrives in the mail, all while reducing your carbon footprint. Your fuller wallet (and the planet) will thank you!

#1 Prepaid Electricity Perks—Saving on electricity in summer months is crucial to avoid charges that can quickly skyrocket. Why not have a prepaid service to help you set a limit on your costs? Prepaid Lights has offered an innovative pay-as-you-go system to Texas residents for the past 30 years. In addition to offering several service plan options to suit your needs, Prepaid Lights provides competitive rates and flexible payment options. Luckily, Texas utilities are “deregulated,” meaning residents can choose their own electricity provider based on their financial and service needs. This way, you’re not stuck at the financial mercy of one huge company, without any choice in the matter. Of course, as an electricity provider, Prepaid Lights is up on the latest technology.

You can use their cutting-edge mobile App and Smart Meters to track your utility consumption and keep your account in check. If you’re worried about your credit score, don’t. This savings-savvy company won’t run your credit or ask for a deposit.  You’ll also be able to avoid long-term contracts that can seem impossible to get out of when you need to make a switch. Smart meters allow you to look for real-time usage trends. Basically, prepaid electricity means you can track your habits and cut corners or be more conservative where you need it most—saving money! If you’re wondering how to lower your electric bill in the summer with Prepaid Lights, check out all of the options they currently offer.

#2 Be Smart about Appliances—Increase the lifespan of your appliances and maximize their performance when you can. How can you achieve this? Only run your dishwasher and clothes dryers when you have full loads to wash. Running these machines with smaller amounts means you’ll be using them twice as much without reason. Be sure not to overload washing machines, either—making the machine work twice as hard also means using twice as much energy and risks causing damage to the unit. Whipping up a culinary masterpiece? Try not to use your stove and/or oven at peak heat times. If you must, use smaller cooking appliances, such as the microwave or toaster ovens while the sun is a-shining. Heating up your house during the hottest parts of the day makes your air conditioner work harder, which, of course, increases your costs.

 #3 Fans, Blinds, and Doors—Oh, My! Stay smart—and cool—by using ceiling fans (or good old-fashioned box fans), keeping blinds closed (at least during the hottest parts of the day), and making sure doors and windows aren’t left open. However, opening windows during cooler nighttime temps lets in a (free) balmy breeze. This allows your cooled air to escape and basically become a waste. If you have curtains or drapes covering your windows, keep them drawn during the sunniest hours as well. Blackout curtains are super effective at keeping your room darker and cooler.

#4 Keep Your Thermostat in Check—Turn your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter months. Dress in comfy layers (like scarves and sweaters) to stay cozy and warm in the winter. Throw a couple of extra blankets or quilts on your bed and couch, too.

#5 Get Unplugged—Whenever you’re not using electronics, try to keep them turned off and unplugged. Think laptops, cell phones, lamps and televisions. This is an easy and effective way to lower your electric bill quickly. Leaving a room? Flip the switch off to save on unused lights. Speaking of lights, use energy efficient lightbulbs and start saving energy in a snap.

#6 Keep it Clean—It’s very important to ensure that all of your air filters and vents are clean and functioning properly. They need to be replaced regularly to prevent dirt and debris from clogging them up. Maximize airflow by also making sure vents and air ducts aren’t unnecessarily blocked by furniture or other appliances. Make sure your home has enough insulation, too. A professional technician can check things out for you and put you at ease if you’re feeling a bit unsure of your abilities.

#7 Go Solar! (or Energy Efficient)—If possible, use solar energy (think solar panels) and choose EnergyStar certified appliances. These smart steps and effective energy-savers will keep your consumption down and lower your electric bill on a consistent basis—by a potentially huge amount. Of course, solar energy installation in your home can be very costly initially, but the outcome most definitely puts you on the fast track to major savings in the future.

#8 Go Green (With Landscaping)—Obviously, planting trees and lots of greenery around your home (especially windows) allows for more shade and, thus, cooler temps all around you. Not to mention the added aesthetically-pleasing vibe you’ll achieve when sprucing up your space. What are you waiting for? Go green and liven up your landscaping to rack up the savings.

Take these practical tips and start cutting costs so you can maximize your purchasing power, spending funds where you need it most. All of these smart suggestions can seem overwhelming, but try to take a few steps at a time until these new, more cost-effective techniques become habits.

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