5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

Electronics surround us all day, every day, especially our children. They take the form of anything from the lights that we turn on when we enter the room, to the TV hanging on the wall keeping our kids busy. Some electronics even took over our schools as more students are using tablets or laptops specifically designed to help them learn.

Though using electricity is unavoidable, we should do more toward conservation efforts. These smalls steps always start at home, with each family and the children. Teaching our kids about saving electricity is as important as teaching them math or science.  These are all skills that kids will take with them into the future and potentially teach the next generation.

As you begin to think about energy conservation for kids, here are five energy-saving tips for kids that you could use.

Awareness and Education

Educating our children is the first step toward energy awareness. Understanding where energy comes from can better help our children become more mindful of users. Different kid-friendly websites help parents teach their children everything they need to know about where electricity comes from.

A library will also hold many books on the inner workings of electricity. The best option is to review the catalog and determine which book is best for your child. No doubt, each library will hold books for kids at any age.

For older children, you can use a circuit board to teach them all about electricity. Most of these can be purchased at your nearest store or online.

Turn Devices Off Time

Turning off any unnecessary device is the perfect time for the whole family to get together. Whether you do it once a week or once a day, it is an excellent way not only to teach kids to separate themselves from the devices that run our lives but also to spend time with family as they conserve energy.

Find the time to be outdoors when the weather permits, allowing your children to see the upside of not using electricity. Grow a garden together as a family. An activity built around growing something will teach kids that nothing is free and usually requires work, such as electricity.

Make It a Competition

This tip is better for older children or those who understand mathematics. As a family, calculate the amount of money electricity costs and how much each device they power uses. Challenge yourself individually or as a family to save as much as possible during a single month. Use either a goal or just a rough estimate of lowering your bill as a way to motivate yourself and your children. Not only will you teach your children how much money it costs to power a home, but how to figure out creative ways to save.

Prepaid electricity can be used as a way to help the family reach its goal. Some companies that deliver electricity have a prepaid electricity option where you can pay for a certain amount of electricity every month, instead of the month to month plan. This is a great way to show kids the possibility of staying within a certain budget and conserve energy.

As an added incentive, you could use the money that the kids helped save to treat the family to a nice movie or dinner out. Allow the kids to set the prize as an extra motivator to find creative ways off their electronics saving money.

Electricity Conserving Devices

The progress that technology made over the years means that plenty of items are now energy-conserving. Teach your children about the different types of light bulbs and have them help purchase the right ones for your home. Keep rechargeable batteries in the house as opposed to constantly throwing out used ones.

Rechargeable batteries come in extra handy with little kids who still use toys that are not charged but have their batteries constantly switched out. It’s an excellent way to show kids how many batteries it takes to power something and how quickly the money disappears.

Different Power, Different Plans

There are different ways in which to achieve the electricity we use on a daily. Though it is easier to not worry about the delivery of electricity and the way that it is generated, educate yourself and your children on other options available in your area.

Teach your kids about solar power or wind power and see if any of these options are available for your home as a way to conserve energy and save the environment. There are some great tools out there that could assist with this, such as pinwheels for showing them how the wind can be caught and turned to energy. Solar power could be taught through the purchase of solar lights, which only light once they’ve been exposed to the light long enough.

Conserving energy should be one of the number one goals of any family, whether as a way to save the environment or lower the monthly bill. Kids can be taught all about energy, how it is generated, and it’s cost from a very young age. There are different tools at your fingertips, which make teaching your kids these concepts that much easier.

Surf the web, visit the library and go into your backyard for a way to learn all about energy. Develop good habits from the beginning, making your kids more conscious of their impact on the environment, and as a bonus, on your wallet. No more leaving the lights on as they walk from room to room! No more scary bills every month! And at the same time, you get to become a family conscious of the world around them.



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